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Javascript tips and examples!

    window object

  1. reference the parent window from child window
  2. showing some texts at the bottom of the browser when the mouse is pointed to a link
  3. To change current page to a new page after random seconds
  4. Open a modal window

    Image object

  5. onMouseOver event is occured in the in the 'a' tag , not 'image' tag.
  6. making hight-light menus when the mouse is positioned over a menu image
  7. finding your mouse postion when you clicked a image
  8. To change onMouseOver,onMouseOut two images into other two images after a event
  9. Slide show with Javascript
  10. Slide show with different size images
  11. To make changing advertisement-image that can be linked each own site
  12. Check All images is loaded

    Form object

  13. Link to a html file with button clicking in a form
  14. Find the selected index in a form
  15. Get date from the user's input

    About Number

  16. Making three random numbers each after 0.2 seconds
  17. To Change a decimal number into a binary number


  18. To display visitor's name after asking his name
  19. reload the current html file with javascript
  20. To include javascript code from an external file
  21. Find the vistior's browser name and version